AMMEX Disposable Poly Aprons (Case of 200) – 1.75 Mil


AMMEX® Poly Aprons are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for the food service industry. These economical, disposable aprons are 28 inches wide by 46 inches long. Waterproof polyethylene, 1.75 mils thick, so stains won’t leak through. Easy-on, easy-off with attached self-ties. Sold 50 per box, 200 per case.

AMMEX Disposable Poly Aprons (Case of 200) – 1.75 Mil

For anyone whose business involves food—from processing it to serving it—disposable gloves are among your most essential tools.

But your focus on getting the right gloves for the job shouldn’t detract from another important factor: personal protective equipment, or PPE.

Any discussion of PPE for food service should begin with AMMEX® Poly Aprons.

These economical, disposable aprons are 28 inches wide by 46 inches long, which provides generous coverage. They are made of waterproof polyethylene, 1.75 mils thick—almost twice as thick as standard poly aprons, so they hold up longer, even during more active tasks. Stains don’t leak through and clothing will stay dry. They’re easily disposable for quick and convenient cleanup.

AMMEX Poly Aprons are one piece with attached self-ties, so you won’t have to fumble around trying to find the tie or thread it through loops: They’re easy on, easy off, with no hassle. They are latex-free, which means no concern about aggravating latex sensitivities.

They are a perfect fit for numerous jobs centered on food—restaurants, cafeterias, catering businesses, line production, and more—as well as numerous industrial applications. They are sold 50 per box, 200 per case. One size fits all.

When you start the checklist for your food-centric operation, gloves should of course go first. But second on your list of gear should be AMMEX Poly Aprons.

Product Specs

Available Colors
Available Sizes
Available Packagings
Product Code PA1.75
Weight 14.6400 lbs
Length 15.750 in
Width 13.500 in
Height 6.300 in

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