AMMEX Diaper Disposal Bags (Case of 3000)


Newborns go through a lot of diapers—estimates range from 8 to 16 per day at first. Get an early handle on your home or childcare center sanitation situation with economical AMMEX® Diaper Disposal Bags. These clear bags, which measure 11 by 14 inches, are sold 750 per roll, four rolls per case.

AMMEX Diaper Disposal Bags (Case of 3000)

When you have a newborn, it’s hard to say how many diapers your little bundle of joy is routinely going to use.

Estimates from parents who’ve done their share of diaper duty range anywhere from eight to 16 per day in the beginning. That number decreases as the child gets older, of course, but the bottom line is a lot of dirty diapers in your future.

Get an early handle on your sanitation situation with AMMEX® Diaper Disposal Bags.

These economical polyvinyl chloride bags can help keep your diaper-changing area—and, in turn, your whole dwelling—sanitary and odor free. They provide important protection against accidental exposure to germs and bodily fluids. These clear bags are sold 750 per roll, four rolls per case, in one size.

Cleanliness can be challenging when infants and toddlers are involved. AMMEX Diaper Disposal Bags can help you keep it under control.


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