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AMMEX Clear Poly Disposable Gloves (Case of 2000)

Disposable gloves are essential to food service operations. AMMEX® Clear Poly Gloves are designed with that in mind. A great value, they can play a central role in helping prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses. S-L, sold 500 gloves per box, 4 boxes per case, 5 cases per master case.

AMMEX Clear Poly Disposable Gloves (Case of 2000)

Disposable gloves are as essential to food service operations as utensils, plates, and silverware. Maintaining good hygiene is the most important factor in protecting the health of customers, employees, and the business itself.

AMMEX® Clear Poly Gloves are designed with food service in mind. They can play a central role in helping to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. They are also a great value, made even greater when purchased in larger quantities.

Regardless of what size operation you have, the only thing that matters more than keeping customers happy is keeping them healthy.

“Employees must wash hands before returning to work” is posted in every restaurant in America. Just as important, though, is that your employees wear gloves when handling food.

AMMEX Clear Poly Gloves are industrial grade, made of polyethylene, and intended for light-duty tasks and applications that require frequent changes of gloves. That makes them a bargain in the food service industry.

These gloves are comfortable, have a looser fit than latex, nitrile, or vinyl, and are easy to change when a fresh pair is needed. They are made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact.

AMMEX Clear Poly Gloves are latex-free and powder-free, ambidextrous, and sold 500 gloves per box, 4 boxes per case, and 5 cases per master case, in sizes S-L. They are also available 100 gloves per sleeve, 10 sleeves per case, and 10 cases per master case. The sleeves are designed to fit into glove dispensers, while packaging takes up minimal room on a shelf—making it an excellent choice for food trucks.

For restaurants, reputation is everything. Your customers’ loyalty defines your livelihood, and you must protect their health—and that of your workers.

With AMMEX Clear Poly Gloves, every glove is a fresh start on safety.

Product Specs
Latex Free
Powder Content
Powder Free
No Finish
Applicable Industry
Food Service
Non Applicable Industry
Available Colors
Available Packagings
Product Code PGLOVE-500
Weight 4.500 lbs
Length 10.000 in
Width 5.500 in
Height 10.000 in

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